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Elegance meets Endurance

*ST. Augustine's BEST Ceramic Coating Installer*

Created Just For Discerning Owners: Raising Expectations, One Flawless Ceramic Coating at a Time.

At Keep it Glossy, we take pride in maintaining a highly glossy finish. Using our sharpened detailing skills over two decades ensures a wealth of experience in the field. We cater to those who demand nothing short of painstaking care for their high-end vehicles. Our commitment, however, extends beyond just ceramic coating installation. We make it a point to fully understand our clients’   tastes and preferences.

With each application, our expertise not only establishes a protective layer but also serves as evidence of our commitment to dedication and excellence. It’s not just about ceramic coating. It is about understanding and meeting the high standards set by our clients. Every layer of protection we apply reflects our commitment to preserving and enhancing the aesthetic and structural integrity of each vehicle.

Priding ourselves on consistently exceeding the most refined expectations, we ensure that every vehicle departing from our care reflects the pinnacle of perfection. This commitment to excellence extends to astonishing even the most discriminating eyes.  We leave a mark of quality and craftsmanship on every vehicle we touch.


Restore Your Cars Beauty With Expert Paint Correction Services

At Keep it Glossy our specialized paint correction services are crafted prior to ceramic coating installation reviving and enhancing your vehicle’s timeless charm. Over time your vehicle inevitably accumulates wear and tear. This presents as swirl marks, scratches, and fading, in turn, gradually diminishing its original allure. Our team of highly skilled professionals employs cutting-edge techniques and utilizes top of the line products. Our attention to detail expertly addresses these imperfections. This process unveils the true splendor of your vehicle’s paintwork.

With a sharp eye for detail, we gently and effectively eliminate blemishes, resulting in a flawlessly glossy surface. Trust us to seamlessly renew your vehicle’s exterior. We will leave it with a mirror-like finish that captivates every time you cast your gaze upon it. At Keep it Glossy, we are committed to delivering a comprehensive paint correction experience that transforms your vehicle. This ensures it regains its luster leaving a lasting impression of excellence.

Superior Protection-Experience the Power of Ceramic Coating

Revolutionizing vehicle protection, Keep it Glossy LLC brings a game-changing approach through our ceramic coating services. We specialize in cutting-edge ceramic coatings and advanced paint correction technology. Technology that creates an invisible shield to guard your car against UV light and acid rain. Yet, our expertise goes beyond just applying ceramic coatings. We carefully prepare surfaces, hence, ensuring a flawless foundation for effective bonding. this, in turn, boosting both longevity and performance.

As the go-to Ceramic Coating Installer in St. Augustine, Keep it Glossy stands out. We are committed to excellence, hence shielding your vehicle while, at the same time enhancing its overall appearance and durability.

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Exquisite Detailing: Elevating your Drive

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Whether you’re in search of a full interior makeover or a dazzling exterior shine from every angle, Keep it Glossy has got you covered. Our detailing services leave not one inch of your vehicle untouched. Whether it’s restoring leather upholstery or polishing every exterior surface, we breathe new life into your car, in turn, providing it with a refreshed sense of luxury.

The dedication to detailing at Keep it Glossy LLC extends beyond the surface. Acknowledging that true beauty lies in the details, our attentive approach ensures unmatched care for every aspect of your vehicle. Our skilled team carefully tends to every nook and cranny by employing specialized techniques and premium products to renew and enhance your vehicle’s appearance, both inside and out


At Keep it Glossy LLC, by preserving vehicles we consequently preserve legacies. Trust us to safeguard your investment with our superior knowledge and solid commitment to excellence. Let us bring out the brilliance of your high-end vehicle, ensuring it stands as a testament to our dedication. Experience the pinnacle of detailing and ceramic coating craftsmanship with us today.